Sadova Township


Sadova township consists of Sadova and Piscu Sadovei; The two villages have an area of 11159 ha and a population of 8364.

Sadova is located 55 km south of Craiova, 17 km north of the Danube River and 3 km east of the Jiu River.

Area-specific activities are: agriculture, horticulture (watermelons and melons), trade, and woodworking, rush braids.

Contact details:

Phone number: 0251-376 622

E-mail: [email protected]

Brief history:

Sadova Village was founded from the Gypsy slaves of Sadova Monastery. Being freed and appropriated during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, they moved near the monastery and formed the village of Sadova, mixing over time with the Romanians.

Piscu Sadovei Village: The village of Piscu Sadovei is located in Dolj County, on the international road Craiova-Bechet, 55 km away from Craiova and is part of Sadova Township. Piscu Sadovei was formed in 1820. Before there were two small villages, called Frumușani and Gura Gardului in the middle of the forest near Jiu, made up of woodcutters. Due to the flooding frequencies due to the overflow of Jiu, the inhabitants of the small villages moved about 1 kilometre away, on a hill peak, the village taking its name after the configuration of the relief: Piscul. To be particularly distinguished from other Piscul localities in Dolj, it was called Piscu Sadovei.

Identification data:

Sadova Town Hall is located on DN 55 Craiova-Bechet, Address: Str. Craiovei, nr. 165 (Postcode: 207505)

Points of interest:

- Sadova Monastery: The oldest document attesting to the existence of Sadova Monastery, is from 1530, by which Vlad Înecatu strengthens the Monastery the estates “because it is given to him by Parvul ban Craiovescul”. Another document, from Matei Basarab, confirms this foundation: “... this holy monastery Sadova was made of wood, from before time... still by the honest and late ancestor of my reign, by patron Barbu". The Voivode founder mentioned that in 1646 the monastery was “of stone, with cells and with all that needs to the house of God”. The settlement also enjoyed the attention of Constantin Brâncoveanu, who built an infirmary outside its walls in 1692-1693. On the map of the Stolnic Cantacuzino appears as a large monastery, and in the documents of the Austrian administration, with several estates. Sadova Monastery is located near a forest on the banks of Jiu, Sadova Township, Dolj County, bears the following patron saint: “St. Nicholas” and “Presentation of Mary”. It was originally a foundation of the Craiovești boyars; they built around 1520 a wooden church, on which Matei Basarab built one of walls, between 1632-1633. About how the new settlement was built there is the following legend: Matei Basarab, who had fought against the Turks at Schela Ciobanului, in Bechet area, had arrived with the armies at Sadova. After praying to the icon of St. Nicholas here, he promised that if he will win the battle, he would build a church of wall. In 1632 he won the battle and, becoming the lord of the country, began the actual construction.
The Church of Sadova Monastery was completely restored after 1900, and was sanctified in 1904 in the presence of King Carol. Following the Decree 410, those living here were forced to leave the place, and the church was transformed into a parish church. In 1992 the monastic life resumed here and the settlement was populated with nuns, but in 1994 it returned to the monks, as it had originally been. The church is made of brick, with thick walls, built on a stone boulder foundation, and inside is still preserved a good part of the original painting, cleaned in 1904.

- The ruins of the Church of the „Holy Apostles” dating back to 1633, are located on Str. Damian in Sadova Township;

- Lilia pond is located on the left side of Str. Gângiovei in Piscu Sadovei at the exit of the village towards Jiu;

- The Church „St. Nicholas” is located in Piscu Sadovei at the intersection of Str. Gângiovei and Str. Voinești

Other information:


– Florin Preda-Dochinoiu was born on 15th of December 1970, in Damian village, Sadova township, Dolj County.

– Mugur Mihăescu , born on 2nd of June 1967 in Sadova Township, Dolj County, is a Romanian actor and screenwriter.

Local events:

- Biweekly agri-food fair (Thursday and Sunday)
- Harvest Day - Damian Middle School, Sadova Township
- Action “Sadova Township Day” - 8th of September

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