Dăbuleni Town


The town of Dăbuleni with an area of 18303 ha and a population of 12196, is located in the Oltenia Plain, in the south-east of Dolj County, at a distance of 80 km from the municipality of Craiova, 45 km from the municipality of Caracal and 35 km from the town of Corabia. The Danube River is the southern border of Dăbuleni, and is also the town’s most important hydrological resource.

Contact details:

Phone number: 0251334317  

E-mail: [email protected]

Brief history:

The town of Dăbuleni was known in the 15th century as Recica-Dabului. The earliest documentary testimony about the village of Dăbuleni dates back to 5th of June 1494 during the reign of Vlad Călugăru. The history of the becoming of Dăbuleni town, in Dolj County, begins on 31st of March 1864, with the promulgation of the administrative law that recognized this human settlement, officially giving it the status of township. The development of this locality, in the years that followed, led to its declaration as a town, in 2004, according to Law No. 83/2004 for the declaration of municipalities as towns.

Identification data:

Dăbuleni Town Hall is located on DN54A, address: Str. Unirii, no. 15, Dăbuleni Town, Dolj County

Points of interest:

- The Church „St. George” is located in Dăbuleni Town, on Str. Victoriei, no. 2. The church was built in 1817 by “the endeavour and expense of the gentlemen patron Gheorghe and patron Hagi Enuș"

- The Church „St. Nicholas and the Life-giving Spring” in 1910 was completed the construction of the Church of St. Nicholas, in the form of a cross and having as its patron saint the saint with the same name.

The Town Hospital „Brâncovenești Settlements” is located on Str. Unirii, No. 1 in Dăbuleni Town. The construction of the hospital began in 1909 and entered into operation on 5th of June 1911. Brâncovenesc Hospital of Dăbuleni was part of the areas of the Foundation of Safta Brâncoveanu Ban estate which was established in 1835.


– Ionela Prodan was born on 6th of October 1947 in Dăbuleni, and was a vocalist, as well as the mother of journalist and football impresario Anamaria Prodan. She performed songs in duet with Ion Dolănescu .

- Mișu Negrițoiu was born on 26th of May 1950 in Dăbuleni Town and is a Romanian economist, former Minister of State for Coordination, Strategy and Reform (1992-1993) and former President of ASF Romania. Mișu Negrițoiu was a member of the legislature 1996-2000.

Local events:

Weekly fair

- The Flower Fair is organized on Palm Sunday
- Documentary attestation of the town is officiated on 5th of June
- Watermelon Festival is held in June
- Days of Dăbuleni town: August

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