Comuna Măceșu de Jos


Măceșu de Jos is located in the Danube meadow, 5 km away from the river, at a distance of 25 km from Bechet, 65 km from the municipality of Craiova and 75 km from Calafat. The township has an area of 5500 ha and a population of 1600 consisting of the villages Măceșu de Jos as its residence and Săpata.

Brief history:

Măceșu de Jos appears as a village in 1061, according to Schvartz’s map. Located on the southern border of the country, on the banks of the Danube, the actual township, at that time provided favourable conditions for the various occupations of the population of the neighbouring territories: Bulgarians, Turks and Serbians beyond the Danube. Those, in order to escape the terror of the Turkish Empire, sought and found here conditions propitious to living. It supports this theory the fact that many families have names of Slavic origin: Ceteri, Sîrbu, Nedelea, or of Turkish origin: Gagiu, Chiurtu, etc. The name of the township – Măceșu de Jos – comes from the fact that there were real forests of wild roses, Rosa gallica, and dog rose in the area; even now they grow spontaneously, in the strangest places. The village was also called the Măceșu Sârbesc. In 1901 the village was transformed into a township, with a population of 1693 inhabitants, 285 houses and 59 huts, in the village there were 5 shoemakers, a carpenter, 10 furriers and 3 blacksmiths. The first school was founded in 1750, and then in 1864 another school was built that lasted until 1902, the year in which a school with two classrooms was built. In 1936, to the school built in 1902 were added two other classrooms and the chancellery, which became the Village Museum.

Identification data:

The Town Hall of Măceșu de Jos is located on DN 55A on Str. Academician Ştefan Berceanu, No. 6, Măceșu de Jos township, Dolj County.

Contact details:

Phone number: 0251354507

E-mail: [email protected]

Points of interest:

- The church „St. Nicholas” was built in 1833 with a traditional Wallachian architectural style and is located at the intersection of Str. Unirii and Măceșului in Măceșul de Jos Township, Dolj County.

 - “Brâncovenesc” Hospital is located on DN55A, Str. Unirii in the township of Măceșu de Jos. The architectural monument was part of the estate of Safta Brâncoveanu Ban Foundation which was established in 1835.

- The Church “The Ascension of the Lord” was built in 1936 and is located on DN 55A, opposite the I-IV General School in the village of Săpata, the township of Măceșu de Jos, Dolj County.

 Other information:


Ștefan Berceanu was born on 26th of September 1914, in the township of Măceșu de Jos, Dolj County and was a Romanian physician and playwright, a post-mortem member of the Romanian Academy.

Local events:

Fair of the week - every Wednesday

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