Bârca Township


Bârca Township is located in the south of Dolj County, 40 kilometres away from Craiova, the administrative centre of the county and 18 kilometres away from the town of Segarcea. The township has an area of 8,850 ha and a population of 4,051 inhabitants.

Contact details:

Telefon: 0251.35.62.14

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Brief history:

The township of Bîrca is documented on 31st of August 1596 in the form of Bîrca, and in the 17th century it appears in documents with either the name Bîrca in 1612, 1613, 1614, 1617, or the name of Bârca in 1609. In a document from 1642, both the names Bârca and Bîrca appear. There is no doubt that the village is much older than is invoked by the first documentary attestation mentioned above (1596).

 Identification data of town halls:

The town hall of Bârca is located on DJ 561, on Str. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 257, Bârca Township, Dolj County

Points of interest:

- The Church of St. Dumitru is a very important historical objective that is located in the township of Bârca, being built between 1801 and 1803, and then rebuilt between 1912 – 1914. The church dates back to 1914, the year of completion of the construction, and is built in the form of a cross, the iconostasis being in this case made up of wood on which are placed 32 icons. In the churchyard are built a shrine and several crosses in honour of the fallen heroes on the battlefields during the two world wars. A history, therefore, that is not forgotten. A historical figure who contributed to the construction of the church of St. Dumitru was Paulina Vorvoreanu.

- The Old School, now called “Adrian Păunescu” Theoretical High School, was established in 1961 as an opportunity for the schooling of peasant’s sons from Bârca and neighbouring townships, who could not continue their high school studies in Craiova, due to the limited material possibilities of their families.

- The memorial house “Adrian Păunescu” is where Adrian Păunescu spent the first part of his life. He graduated from Carol I National College in Craiova, Dolj County. His first debut came in 1960, when he was 17 years old. Adrian Păunescu is the author of more than 50 books, most of which are volumes of verse, and he is recognized mainly as a poet, although he was appointed literary critic, essayist, translator, and magazine director.

Other information:


– Adrian Păunescuwas born on 20th of July 1943 in Bessarabia but spent most of his childhood in Bârca, Dolj County. He was an author, literary critic, essayist, magazine director, poet, publicist, lyricist, writer, translator and Romanian politician.

Ghiță Mitrăchiță was born in the township of Bârca, being the third child, of ten, of Ioana and Dumitru Potbăniceanu (Mitrache). From 1969 Ghiță Mitrăchiţă began to present his paintings at national naïve art exhibitions, at the biennials of amateur fine art, and then to participate with works in exhibitions organized abroad – Federal Republic of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Argentina, etc.

Alexandru Ciutureanu is considered one of the few traditional sculptors in Romania. He was born in Bârca in 1951, and in 1982 graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” in Bucharest. He was a member of the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists and has works in museums, as well as in private collections in Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, and so on.

Local events:

- Weekly Fair - Sunday

- St. Mary’s Fair on 15th of August

- Saint Dumitru - The Church’s titular saint

- Exhibition of naïve paintings - Ghiţă Mitrăchiţă

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