Ostroveni Township

 Township overview and contact details:

The township has an area of 5465 ha and has a population of 5750 consisting of Ostroveni as its residence and the village of Lișteava. The township is located in the south-eastern extremity of Dolj County, 4 km away from Bechet and 63 km away from Craiova. The basic activity of the inhabitants of Ostroveni is agriculture, supported by the two branches: livestock farming and plant cultivation, which is carried out mainly in individual households.

Contact details:

Phone number: 0251.337366

E-mail: [email protected]


Brief history of the town

The first attestation is the 1535 charter, written in Slavonic in which it is spoken of Lișteava, a village of Ostroveni. Lișteava has been mentioned since 1490 belonging to Sadova estate. The attestation of the settlement of Grindeni is brought to light in 1600 by another document written by Nicolae Voivode, to Viras Monastery. And the existence of the other villages, Orăşani and Ostroveni are documented since the Middle Ages, the one in Orăşani being issued by the royal chancellery on 25th of October 1563. The village of Ostroveni is documented on 29th of May 1637.

 Identification data of town halls:

Ostroveni Town Hall is located on DN 55 A, str. Principală, No. 1278, Ostroveni Township, Dolj County

Identification data of objectives, locations, tourist attractions or events;

- The Cultural Home was put into service in 1959, together with the communal library until 1998. Since 1998, the communal library has its own headquarters - at the “four grades school”. The first librarian was called Afronie Georgeta.

- The Church “Assumption of Mary” was built in 1796 and is located on Str. Bisericii in Ostroveni Township.

- The Church “Holy Trinity” is the oldest of the existing churches in Ostroveni, being built in 1793, in the former village of Orăşani.

- The Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1792 in the former village of Grindeni

- The Church “St. Nicholas” dates back to the 18th century, 1845 and was restored between 1883 and 1885 being located in Lișteava Commune on DJ551B.

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Constantin Isac was born on 22nd of May 1927 in the village of Orăşani, Ostroveni commune, Dolj County, into a family of intellectuals.

George Biță was born on 8th of September 1963 in Ostroveni County Dolj and was noted as a football player, participating in the 1986-1987 UEFA Cup.

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