Giurgița Township


Giurgița Township covers an area of 7350 ha and has a population of 3233 being located in the southern part of Dolj County, 47 km away from Craiova, 15 km away from Segarcea and 25 km from Băileşti Municipality. The connection with the neighboring towns is made via the county road DJ 576, which provides the connection between the township and the other localities in Dolj County. The following localities are included in the township: Giurgița - the residence of the township, Curmătura and Filaret.

Contact details:

Phone number: 0251-357122


Brief History:

The first documentary attestation of Giurgița Township is dated 29th of August 1577. The township took its name from an innkeeper lady, namely “Gheorghiţa” and the village of Curmătura took its name from a nearby hill. A document dated 18th of May 1622 states that the village of Giurgița was the property of Hamza, Craiovei’s Ban. Portărești is a village gathered on the left bank of Desnăţui known since 1790 when it appears on the map of the Austrian Specht.

Identification data:

The Town Hall of Giurgița is located on DN 561, on Str. Calea Dunării, nr. 123, Giurgița Township, Dolj County

Points of interest:

- The Old School of Giurgița is located at the “Great Road” in 1838 between Cioromela and Giurgița. It is built of brick and maintained by the state with qualified teacher.

- The Church „St. Michael and Gabriel” belongs to the Parish of Portărești - Giurgița and was built of wood in 1827 by the bakers Matei and Spiridon Portărascu. In 1852 it was built from the foundation of brick and in 1913 and 1957 it was tied in iron belts and repainted..

- The Church of „Saint Mary” in Curmătura was started by the inhabitants of the village of Giurgița - Curmătura in 1852 and finished in 1856.

Other information:


– Florica Mitroi ce s-a născut în data de 15 februarie 1944 în Comuna Giurgița, județul Dolj a fost o poetă și ziaristă română.

Local events:

– Sărbătoarea “Spicului de grâu” ce se organizează pe data de 15 august în ziua de Sfânta Marie.

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